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Anaprox 500mg

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What is Anaprox?

The medicines of Anaprox belong to the anti inflammatory and non steroidal category. Due to intensive inflammation and pain in arthritis, patients face lots of problems as they are not able to perform conventional tasks in an impeccable manner. Therefore, one should take Anaprox back pain and continue with the normal routine of life.

What should I take Anaprox?

As far as controlled release tablet is concerned, it is administered in 750mg while the delayed release dosage should be not more than 500mg. Adults suffering from osteoarthritis should take a minimum of 250mg of medication.

What would happen if I missed the dosage?

Try not to miss the dosage however patients should not make up for the lost medication. Excess Anaprox can prove detrimental for the patients.

Over dose:

Over dose causes side effects including belching, bruising and shortness of breath.

What should I avoid while taking Anaprox?

Alcohol is deadly for the patients as combined with Anaprox it may cause intestinal bleeding.
Side effects include blurred vision, constipation, dark urine and double vision. It is accompanied by tiredness, weakness and inflammation of mouth. Moreover, continuous nausea can be detrimental to the people.