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Decadron 0.5mg

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What is Decadron?

Decadron is available in solution, tablet and elixir format. It contains a compound called Dexamethasone that is quite crucial in treating instances of inflammation to a great extent. If you are suffering from allergies or adrenal problems Buy Decadron 1 mg tablet and get long term relief. It belongs to the category of corticosteroid and is quite effective in boosting the immune system.

How should I take Decadron?

While taking dose, follow the instructions on the label of the product. Make sure to measure the solution of medication with the help of a measuring spoon. Before consuming Decadron, mix the medication with juice, soda or apple sauce. If you have started taking the treatment, do not stop it abruptly or else it may cause side effects.

What would happen If I missed the dose?

Instead of taking double dose, you should stick to the original schedule of consumption. In any case, do not try to take additional medication

Over dosage:

Over dosage of medicine can lead to plethora of side effects, therefore you should call emergency in such cases.

What should you avoid while taking Decadron?

Decadron is known to cause harm to the pregnant women. Usage of Dexamethasone can lower the immune system of the body. In case of blurred vision connect with the doctor.

Side effects of Decadron:

Some symptoms include dizziness, anxiety and mental depression.