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Ditropan 5mg

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What is Ditropan?

One of the most important attributes of Ditropan is that it contains the famous oxybutynin compound. The substance is known to control the overactive bladder and goes a long way in controlling frequent urination to a great extent.

How do I take Ditropan?

Medication is taken with the help of a glass of water and it should be taken without chewing content. In addition, one should take Ditropan in 5mg quantity so that it can provide long terms benefits to the patients. Buy Ditropan online but make sure to limit the dosage to about 30mg on a daily basis. As far as gel is concerned, 3 pumps are sufficient to provide daily dosage.

What would happen if I miss the dosage?

If you miss the dose, schedule the consumption of tablet after 6 hours. Double dose is provided to prevent side effects in an impeccable manner.

Over dosage:

You can call the helpline to get immediate assistance if the patient slips into a coma due to over dosage.

What should I avoid while taking Ditropan

One should not drive while taking the medication because Ditropan may impair the functions of the brain.

Side effects of Ditropan:

Blurred vision, constipation and severe stomach pain could lead to lots of problems.