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Ditropanxl 10mg

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What is Ditropan XL?

Ditropan XL helps to control the spasm of the urinary bladder. It is instrumental in treating the problems of frequent urination. One of the most important advantages of the tablet is that it can handle the issue of urine incontinence in an impeccable manner.

How should I take Ditropan XL?

The stuff is taken with a glass of full of water. Tablet should be taken with food however you can take the medication prior to breakfast. In order to measure the liquid medication, one should use the dosage syringe. Storing the room temperature is essential to deliver desired results in the form of long lasting medication.

What would happen if I missed the dosage?

In case you have missed the dose, consume the next tablet according to the schedule.

Over dose:

In case of over dose, watch out for symptoms such as breathlessness and itching in the skin.

What should I avoid while using Ditropan XL?

Medicine can impair the thinking of the brain, therefore do not drive or perform heavy duty tasks. Ditropan causes heat stroke and may also decrease perspiration over a period of time.

Side effects:

Some of the side effects include severe constipation, pain during urination and blurred vision.