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Imdur 30mg

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What is Imdur?

The medicine plays an important role in dilating the blood vessels in the body to ensure seamless blood supply to different parts of the body. Imdur exists in different forms such as immediate and extended release categories. They go a long way in preventing the instances of angina attacks. Buy imdur tablet but do not take the medication along with erectile dysfunction medication because they can increase the blood pressure significantly.

How do I take Imdur?

Imdur is one of its kinds with plethora of attributes to boot. It is important to take the medication in small dosages and increase the quantity of medication progressively. People should not stop taking medication suddenly because it may cause angina from long term perspective.

What would happen if I miss a dose?

You should not worry if you missed the dose; instead try to take the next one on time.

Over dose:

Over dosage can prove to be fatal in the long run. Some of the symptoms include fever, confusion, headache and severe dizziness.

What should I avoid while taking Imdur?

Medicine can create problems for the users if they are driving the vehicle. It might hamper the thinking process.

Side effects of Imdur:

Some of the symptoms include angina pain, light headedness and pounding heart beats.