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Imuran 25mg

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What is Imuran?

The medicine Imuran contains azathioprine that goes a long way in making the body compatible to the transplanted organ. If you have got a new kidney, Buy imuran online as it helps to lower the immune system and assists the organ to work in seamless manner. The medication should be taken judiciously so that it delivers effective results to the users. It is also useful in cases wherein thee patients are suffering from arthritis.

How should I take Imuran?

The medicine can be taken to treat the stomach upset in an easy and hassle free manner. One should read the instructions on medicinal label carefully. The dosages are administered accordingly to ward off side effects. Azathioprine has the tendency to decrease the blood count and reduces the resistivity of the body to fight infections. Therefore, you should be careful while ingesting Imuran. Medicine should be consumed for 8 weeks on a trot to get maximum benefits. People with renal transplant need to consume 100mg of medication as a single dosage on a daily basis. It is one of the best medicines that can help the patients to recover quickly from the operation.

What would happen if I missed a dose?

 In case you missed a dosage, wait for about 4 hours to get the next tablet. Excess medication is detrimental to the health of the patients as it can destroy the immune system and help in the spread of infections.

Over dosage

Over dose of medication does more harm than good to the patients. It may result in respiratory trouble for the patients. In case of life threatening issue, one may like to call the doctor for help.

What should I avoid while taking Imuran?

While taking Imuran, one should avoid being in the company of people who are suffering from infections.
Do not venture out into the bright sunlight as it might cause skin cancer.

Side effects:

The prominent symptoms include fast heart beat, nausea and excessive sweating.