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Indocin 25mg

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What is Indocin?

The compound called indomethacin is a wonderful proposition against pain and inflammation as it blocks the production of the harmful hormone in the body. If you are suffering shoulder pain caused by tendinitis, Buy Indocin tablets dosage in adequate amounts to get instant relief. The medicine helps to deliver sterling results to the users.

How do I take Indocin?

Indocin should be taken in recommended dosage as different options in the form of extended release tablets are available to the users. Swallow the capsule with a glass of water. In addition, the medicine should be kept in cool dark place in an easy and hassle free manner. Generally the dosage is about 75mg of medication every day.

What should if I have missed the dosage?

Missed dosage does not cause any disruption in the treatment however you should not forget to take the tablet.  The golden rule of thumb says that Indocin should not be taken twice in a single day.

Over dose:

 Over dosage may cause vomiting and bleeding of the stomach. In such a situation do not delay, but call the doctor immediately.

What should I avoid while taking Indocin?

Headache, belly pain and loose stools are some of the side effects on the patients.