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Levitra (Verdenafil) 40mg

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Levitra (Verdenafil) 40mg

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Levitra (Verdenafil) 40mg - 60 Pills $164 $2.73
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Levitra (Verdenafil) 60mg

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Levitra (Verdenafil) 60mg - 60 Pills $213 $3.55
Levitra (Verdenafil) 60mg - 90 Pills $288 $3.20
Levitra (Verdenafil) 60mg - 120 Pills $346 $2.88

What is Levitra?

A medicine called Levitra is a boon for the people who are sexually dissatisfied with their life. The product works by enhancing the blood flow to the genital organ of the body. It is instrumental in delivering impeccable results to the users.

How should I Take Levitra?

Levitra should be taken in the configuration of 2.5 to 5mg however one should exercise due diligence in taking the dosage.

What If I missed the dosage?

You can take the medication after some time but keep in mind that one hour interval should be maintained in indulging sex.

Over dose:

In case of over dosage, contact the doctor or else the situation can become life threatening for the patients.

What should I avoid while taking Levitra?

While taking Levitra, avoid alcohol as it can cause heart attack.

Side effects:

Some of the side effects include nausea. Flushing headache and running nose.