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Lioresal 10mg

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What is Lioresal?

The tablet is an amazing drug that helps to treat muscle spasm arising due to sclerosis. Pain arising from injury can be controlled with the help of Lioresal. By consuming the medicine, it is possible to get freedom from stiffness of bones and muscles.

How do I take Lioresal?

If you are buying Lioresal tablets 10mg, make sure to take only the required amount but do not exceed the dosage. Calling the doctor is essential, if the muscle symptoms do not show any sign of improvement. Stopping Lioresal suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms among the patients. People may store the medicine at room temperature to prevent the occurrence of moisture and heat. Generally 5mg of medication should be taken 3 times a day.

What should I do, if the dosage is missed?

Dosage cannot be missed in case of pain killers however in case of lapse, do not take extra medication.

Over dose:

Over dosage of Lioresal may result in weakness, drowsiness and muscle weakness. It also causes vomiting and other issues.

What should I avoid while taking Lioresal?

Alcohol induces coma along with medication. Patients should avoid medication when they require muscle tone because it impacts the balance of the patients.