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Maxalt 10mg

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What is Maxalt?

The medicine Maxalt is used to combat Migraine headaches. It cannot be used for treating headaches belonging to other categories. One of the most important advantages of the medication is that it provides instant relief to the patients.

How should I take Maxalt?

Take the medication after the occurrence of the headache. One should not swallow the tablet completely but allow it to dissolve within the mouth.
Dry hands are used to remove the medication and place it in the mouth.
The tablet is consumed with a minimum of 4 hrs of ingestion.

What would happen if I missed the dose?

Anti pain medications do not follow a strict schedule; therefore the chance of missing the dosage is very low.

Over dose:

Over dosage is very dangerous for the patients as it may increase blood pressure. Call emergency in case of medical crisis.

What should I avoid while taking Maxalt?

Maxalt is not taken along with other migraine headache tablets. In addition, ergonovine, methylergonovine are also not compatible with the tablets.

Side effects:

Some of the side effects include cold feeling, numbness and chesty pain as well as pressure.