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Motrin 400mg

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What is Motrin?

It is a histamine compound that is perfect to treat issues such as allergy and pain without any hassles. The medication contains Ibuprofen compound that is not only anti inflammatory but is also non steroidal in nature.

How should I take Motrin?

Medicine can be used with milk so that it is gentle on the stomach. One should not take Motrin for more than 10 days because it may cause side effects in the long run. Initially, the dosage is low but later on it can be increased without any problem. In addition, Motrin is kept in the room temperature to maintain its effectiveness.

What happens if the dose is missed?

If you are sticking to a schedule, take the medicine as soon as possible. In case of skipping the dose, postpone ingestion accordingly but do not take extra medicine.

Over dose:

The best option is to call the ambulance, if the patient is having over dose symptoms.

What should I avoid while taking Mortin?

Due to alcohol consumption, patient is affected by stomach bleeding. Aspirin would not affect the health in a positive manner; therefore such medications are not taken by the users.

Side effects:

Light headed feeling; stomach bleeding and severe skin reactions create problems for the patients.