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Naprelan 250mg

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What is Naprelan?

The medication Naprelan is one of the most important non steroidal and non inflammatory products that go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users.  Delayed release tablets are quite useful for the patients as help in treating chronic disorder.

How do I Take Naprelan?

While undergoing medication, make sure to take frequent medical tests. It is important not to chew the tablets while swallowing. Generally the dosage is not more than 1000mg in a day. Minimum quantity of medication administered to the patients is to the maximum of 250mg.

What if I missed the dose?

Missing tablets during pain is not possible however if you have skipped the medicine, do not take extra product but wait for the next schedule.

Over dose:

Over dosage results in emergency medical attention for the patients

What should I avoid while taking Naprelan?

Alcohol and aspirin can cause lots of problems for the patients. They should not be taken along with Naprelan.

Side effects of Naprelan:

Shortness of breath is followed by rapid weight gain. In addition, the patient is also affected by liver and kidney disease.