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Naprosyn 250mg

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What is Naprosyn?

It is an anti inflammatory and non steroidal medication that has the capability to remove the pain in an impeccable manner. People affected with bone related disorders would benefit a lot with the help of the pain relief product.

How should I take Naprosyn?

The delayed release tablets are suitable for the patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis as the total dosage should not exceed 375mg. People with acute gout might require higher dosage in the initial phase. People should contact helps if they are feeling chest pain or shortness of breath.

What would happen if I missed the dosage?

If you missed the dosage, do not take additional medication as it may cause more harm than good.

Over dose:

Over dose can be deadly for the patients, so make sure to call the doctor immediately for assistance.

What should I avoid while taking Naprosyn?

Alcoholic product along with aspirin is a recipe of disaster for the patients. Prior to taking antacid, people need to advise caution.

Side effects:

Some of the symptoms comprises of bleeding of intestine, skin rash and liver problems.