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Panadol 500mg

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What is panadol?

The medication panadol is quite popular among the patients because it helps to eliminate pain and fever due to arthritis and headache. One of the most important advantages of the panadol is that it contains acetaminophen compound responsible for reduction of pain inside the body. You can buy Panadol 24 tablets as pain killers however they cannot be used as anti inflammation drugs. Patient might have to consume them as supplement along with other medications. One should not stop taking the treatment abruptly but decrease the dosage in a gradual and phased manner.

How do I take Panadol?

Buy panadol pills to get relief from the pain in the joints and muscles. In children, 10 to 15mg of medicine is to be administered for one kg of weight. It can go up to 65 mg in 24 hours. Therefore if the weight of the kids is 20 kg, total dosage could be in the vicinity of 200mg. It is vital to tread with caution if the young one is less than 6 months of age.
Adults should consume a maximum of 4000mg in a day however the dosage can also decrease if the patients get relief in a single shot. Body weight is one of the most important factors that can impact the body weight to a great extent.
Medicine should be taken regularly in case of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis because the pain has to be kept in control. You should store the medicine in dry conditions at 25 degree temperature.

What would happen if I missed a dose?

When you are suffering from chronic issue such as arthritis, it is vital not to miss the dosage however in case of relief, skipping the medicine would not have any effect on the health of the patients. People who forget to take the dosage can consume the medication for next schedule.

What would happen in case of over dosage?

If you are taking panadol in large dosage, the appearance would become pale followed by anorexia. In addition, people may also suffer from Nausea and vomiting. Individuals are also affected with sweating as well as abdominal pain. If the symptoms continue to persist for a longer period of time, it is important to contact the doctor for instant assistance.

What should I avoid while taking panadol?

Panadol medication can be detrimental for the people who display allergic reactions to acetaminophen substance. In addition, people suffering from liver disease need to stay away from Panadol because it can worsen the symptoms causing death.
Alcohol in excess amount along with panadol could lead to damage of liver and kidney. The medicine is one of the most important causes of poisoning in children and infants. Adults are also vulnerable to over dosage especially of they consume lots of products containing acetaminophen. In few cases patients have become the victim of liver damage.
Long term usage of the medication for pregnant women can be harmful. Panadol does not cause any side effect on the young ones due to low dosage of medication.

Side effects of Panadol:

Some of the side effects include difficulty in breathing and swelling of face. It can also cause increased sweating accompanied by diarrhea. Some patients have reported not only cramps but also loss of appetite. If you are facing tenderness in the upper abdomen, stop the consumption of medicine and contact the specialist in the area. In order to prevent side effects, start with lower dosage as it not only eliminates pain but also prevents the occurrence of side effects. Emergency symptoms include darkness in urine, pale skin and itchy skin.