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Pyridium 200mg

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What is Pyridium?

Arrival of Pyridium has played an important role in eliminating the problem of increased urination. In addition, it also reduces the urge to urinate frequently in an impeccable manner. Buy Pyridium online USA and use the product in combination with the antibiotic to treat the infections without hassles. Irritation of the lower urinary tract can occur due to varieties of reasons such as catheter insertion and surgery.

How should I take Pyridium?

The medication Pyridium is consumed with a full glass of water. It should be not taken more than the upper limit of the dosage. After taking the medicine, you might find the color of the urine turn orange. People should not take Pyridium more than 2 days because long term usage is bound to cause side effects.

What happens if I miss a dose?

If you have missed the dose, make sure to take the next one on time. Do not try to take extra dosage.

Over dose:

Over dosage of medication requires emergency assistance from the doctors. It goes a long way in saving the life of the person.

What should I avoid while taking Pyridium?

People should not wear soft contact lenses as they become stained due to the medication.

Side effects of Pyridium:

Some of the side effects include swelling, weight gain and less urination.