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Tegretol 100mg

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What is Tegretol?

Tegretol is an impeccable medication used to treat pain related symptoms by blocking the nerve impulses to the brain. It is quite beneficial in cases such as neuralgia. One of the most important factors that have to be kept in mind is that the medication should be taken in extra dosage.

How doo I take Tegretol?

Prior to taking medication, do not break and chew the tablets. There are various types of Tegretol tablets ranging from delayed release to immediate release category. It is important to take the liquid dosage with the help of a measuring spoon so that it is effective for the patients. As far as the dosage information is concerned, one should have 200mg twice a day. Generally, the total quantity of medication doesn’t exceed more than 1200mg.

What would happen if I missed the dose?

If you missed the dose, it is vital to take the medication as soon as possible. In case, lot of time elapsed since the last dosage, wait for the next schedule.

Over dose:

Over dosage can create emergency situation, therefore it is important to call doctor and save life of the patients.

What should I avoid while taking Tegretol?

While taking Tegretol, do not drink alcohol as it can increase probability of seizures. Do not take grape fruit or juice as they result in side effects.

Side effects:

As far as side effects are concerned, they include skin rash, fast heart beats and respiratory troubles.