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Voltaren SR 100mg

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About Voltaren SR?

Advent of Voltaren sr is a boon for patients as it comprises of compound such as Diclofenac sodium. They are instrument in the reduction of pain of the muscles and bones. People who are suffering from chronic disease by Voltaren sr 75mg tab to get instant respite in an impeccable manner.

How do I take Voltarensr?

  • For long term usage, frequent medical test of the patients are required.
  • The medicine is kept away from the heat and is stored at room temperature.
  • Patients should consume 100 to 150mg of delayed release tablets divided in 3 to 4 dosages.

What should I do if the dose is missed?

Take the medication as soon as possible but if the delay is significant, wait for the next dosage and do not take extra medication.

Over dose:

In case of emergency, immediately call the doctor to get support

What should I avoid while taking Voltarensr?

Patient should not take other anti steroid medications. Aspirin in combination with Voltarensr causes long term side effects on the body.

Side effects:

Some of the prominent side effects include nausea, pain in upper stomach, itching of the skin and severe headache.