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Voltarol 100mg

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What is voltarol?

Patients who consume Voltarol play a very important role in removing the pain from the ground up. It is important to take the medication is suitable dosage because extra dosage can cause lots of problems in the long run.

How should I take Voltarol?

The medication should be taken in quantities of 50 to 100mg. It is one of the best pain relievers in the market that has gone a long way to deliver sterling results to the users.

What would happen if I missed the dose?


If you have missed the dose, do not fret but wait for the next dosage. Take as mentioned in the label of the product.

Over dose:

In case of over dose, contact the specialists as they help to resolve the situation in an impeccable manner.

What I should avoid while taking Voltarol?

The medicine should not be taken with alcoholic drinks as they cause drowsiness to a great extent.

Side effects of Voltarol:

Some of the side effects of Voltarol include increased heart rate, itching and rashes on the skin.